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Larissa Weller - violin

Image of Karissa Weller

Larissa Weller began her study of violin at the age six under Bernadette Rotar in the regional Queensland city of Bundaberg. She spent the remainder of her childhood in Hervey Bay, learning violin, clarinet and piano under an assortment of teachers. By the end of high school, Larissa had been granted (by the A.M.E.B.) honours in eighth-grade clarinet, distinction in eighth-grade piano and an LMusA with distinction on violin. Last year she completed a Bachelor of Music with Honours (I) in Advance Performance at Griffith University, Brisbane. Larissa has been the prize winner of several regional music awards as well as the Sydney May Memorial Scholarship, issued by the A.M.E.B. Queensland.

In 1996 she began studying with Elizabeth Morgan, who continued to guide her during her time at the Queensland Conservatorium. Larissa's time at the Conservatorium was a lesson in humanity - from the seemingly indestructible enthusiasm of lecturers to the potentially destructive thought patterns at work within individuals! These discoveries have deeply influenced her personal metamorphosis and life perspective. On a less philosophical level, her tertiary studies have endowed her with the magical experience of chamber music. Having recently moved to Melbourne, Larissa works as an apprentice chef, while continuing her musical development with the goal of becoming professional. Although uncertain of its practical direction, Larissa hopes for her career to promote music not as an elitist art form, but as an experience relevant to all people.

Larissa was the Guest Concertmaster of the Zelman Symphony for the orchestra's first two concerts of 2006 with Mark Shiell, firstly at the MLC Auditorium on Saturday 1 April 2006 (in association with the 2006 Kew Community Festival) and then at the Hepburn Springs Swiss-Italian Festival on the afternoon of Sunday 23 April 2006 in Daylesford.

Larissa Weller has appeared with the Zelman Symphony in the following concerts:

23 April 2006
1 April 2006

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