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Playing with Zelman Symphony

Interested in playing with Zelman Symphony?

The Orchestra is always on the lookout for advanced players of all symphonic instruments to fill vacancies or play extra string, wind, horn, brass, harp, keyboard and percussion parts.

The players of the Zelman Symphony are a mix of true amateurs - people of all walks of life who wish to play fine symphonic music for the love of it - as well as professionals and students. Professional musicians who want to hone their skills and impart their knowledge to other players are encouraged to join, as are students who are striving for the higher grades and enjoy the experience of playing in a large ensemble.

As a community orchestra, players are not paid. There are no fees until a player has completed their second concert program. From that time on, each player must be a financial member of the orchestra's incorporated association. An annual membership fee is levied, and a reduced rate applies for all secondary and undergraduate students.

The orchestra rehearses regularly on Tuesday evenings at the Leo Baeck Centre, 31-37 Harp Road, Kew East (Melway 45H4), and on other days prior to concerts.

String Players

We often have positions available for string players. If you have attained grade 7 and you are aiming at higher grades and/or tertiary qualifications, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us via New Player Application.

Other Players

We often have temporary vacancies in other sections, or require extra players for some works, e.g. harp, contrabassoon, percussion and keyboards. Please contact us via New Player Application and leave your details if you would like the opportunity to play with the orchestra.

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