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Gerald Keuneman

Image of Gerald Keuneman

Gerald Keuneman has been the Music Director of the Whitehorse Orchestra since 1990. He is an orchestral director with commanding experience in the world of fine music and offers a unique blend of quality and authority in music direction.

His musical background includes performing as a cellist in the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the ABC Show Band, and many stage, film and TV productions. He has wide experience in conducting and directing community and corporate orchestras, arranging touring orchestras for visiting artists and in running musical workshops and senior classes at seminars, schools and camps.

Gerald has always held a great interest in promoting and supporting community participation in the enjoyment of fine music. Apart from his work with the Whitehorse Orchestra, he has been involved in many workshops for adult amateur musicians and, for many years, has been a director, tutor and conductor at the annual Council of Adult Education music camp at Harrietville.

Gerald has worked with the Zelman Symphony several times in the distant past and, most recently, returned to conduct the orchestra on Saturday 26 November 2005.

Gerald Keuneman has appeared with the Zelman Symphony in the following concerts:

26 November 2005

The above details were supplied by the individual conductor and were current at the time of their last performance with the Zelman Symphony.

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